Wilmington Tri-Match Update

January 5, 2018
We just got off a conference call with Cape Fear and ECJVC. East of the triangle was hit quite a bit harder by the snow and as a result ECJVC has decided to pull-out of the tournament. Cape Fear and we at Edge agreed that is was probably best for our families to be on the safe side and stay home.
We apologize for the inconvenience to your weekend this has likely caused, but we will still hold tonight’s practice as make-ups for Wednesday and Thursday; and we will add Sunday back to the calendar as normal sessions.
17U & 18U: 2-3:30pm
14U & 16U: 4-5:30pm
17U & 18U: 1-3:00pm (Kestrel)
14U & 16U: 1-2:00pm Middles/Setters (DAC)
14U & 16U: 2-3:00pm Competition (DAC)
14U & 16U: 3-4:00pm Outsides/Liberos (DAC)