Information and Resources for Athletes and Parents


1. Determine your schools of interest. What do you want in a school?

  • What region of the country? Climate?
  • Big, medium, or small school?
  • Choose 20 schools with your top 3 academic interests that meet your other preferences.

2. Use the resources below to gather coach contact information for these schools.

3. Create a profile.

  • Use a free recruiting service (University Athlete, NCSA, BeRecruited, HUDL, etc.) or create a free website (,, to host your profile.
  • Include information such as your contact info, height, graduation year, high school, GPA, SAT/ACT scores, position, approach touch height, block touch height, and club/high school coach contact.

4. Send an introductory email individually to each school on your list of schools.

  • Include your name, height, position, graduation year, high school and club. Be sure to express interest in their school and volleyball program. Address the coach by name to start the email (ex. Coach Brown). Include your profile and/or a link to your website.

5. Gather game footage and create videos to share with coaches.

  • Game Footage – should be one entire game (you can edit out dead time, i.e. walking back to serve, etc) of you playing. Be sure to let the coaches know which number you are and in what position you start.
  • Highlight Video - a few minutes of highlights from matches broken down by skill (attacking, setting, serve receive, defense, serving, blocking).
  • Skills Video - a few minutes of technique focused contacts of each skill. Skills Video Example
  • Reach out to us if you need help creating or editing any videos.

6. Send your video to those coaches who request it and to your list of schools.

  • You can upload the video to your profile, website, and YouTube.

7. Schedule visits.

  • Once coaches watch your video or see you play live and become interested, they will ask you to schedule a visit. All visits before September 1st of your Senior year are unofficial and therefore you will have to pay all expenses.

8. Consistently check-in with coaches!

  • If a school expresses interest, continually check-in with them with updates on your schedule and team. Building a relationship with the coaches is a key to success!

9. Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.