Michael Tancini

Michael is the owner of Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy based in Chapel Hill. He’s dedicated to the neverending pursuit of personal development and bettering himself in every aspect of life. His treatment philosophy is a reflection of this. Michael is dedicated to constantly pursuing educational opportunities to better himself as a physical therapist so he can serve you with the most effective and current practice to date. This means that you get better faster, back to doing what you love to do quicker, and performing better than you ever had. Michael is just not a Physical Therapist; he is a coach as well as an athlete. He understands the demands that training and competing demand of you, which is why he’s the perfect partner for Carolina Edge athletes. 

Michael plans to provide all interested Carolina Edge players with a Functional Movement Screening in order to locate movement dysfunctions before injury occurs. He will also be working to educate both players and parents on strengthening areas of weakness frequently found in volleyball players and found throughout the assessments to better ensure career longevity. Michael is also more than willing to address previous injuries and the rehabilitation process.

Ground to Overhead Physical Therapy
201 S Estes Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Website: https://www.groundtooverheadphysicaltherapy.com