Jonathan Paulk

Jonathan Paulk | Coach JP Carolina Edge VolleyballJP is currently an Assistant Coach at North Carolina Central University where his primary on court responsibilities include training the outside hitters and focusing on offensive and blocking structure. Off the court JP’s primary responsibilities include recruiting and video exchange. JP is annually invited to coach at collegiate camps including UNC, West Point, NC State, and NCCU.

JP is a graduate of NC State with a BS in Accounting. While at State, he was the president of the Men’s Club Volleyball Team and was voted honorable mention to the NCVF National Tournament Team in Kansas City as a setter. JP won the 2016 Collegiate Beach National Championships for NCSVA in Santa Monica, California and earned his AA rating with a win the following day for the California Beach Volleyball Association.

JP is a true believer in pushing players to learn higher level technique and tactics at younger ages. He wants to expose athletes to systems and tactics that push them to grow intellectually and creatively within volleyball. JP strives to maintain a high-intensity and competition filled practice every time he steps on the court.