Jonathan Armada

Over the years, I have seen others benefit from CrossFit in various fashions with an unwavering passion and motivation to make a positive change in their lives given the opportunity, ability, and support from their CrossFit community. As the Founder of Morrisville Community CrossFit, MCCF, my desire is to provide you (yes, you!) with the opportunity to improve your health, fitness and life in a highly functional and well-equipped space.

I’m doing exactly what I always dreamed I’d be doing, but I have also wanted to work more with students and younger athletes. I had the opportunity to train the Apex Friendship Boy’s Soccer team over the summer of 2017 and it only reaffirmed this dream of mind. The opportunity to partner with Carolina Edge couldn’t have come along at a better time, and I can’t wait to help these athletes improve their strength and power in order to increase their performance on the volleyball court.

At MCCF, we and our fellow athletes have built a community-based, all-inclusive, home-away-from-home which fosters universal, functional fitness that caters to all athletes. We want to welcome Carolina Edge to this community!

Morrisville Community CrossFit
2933 South Miami Boulevard Suite 126
Durham, NC 27703