About Carolina Edge

Carolina Edge -- "Coach Owned, Player Driven"

At Carolina Edge, we collaborate with our players to achieve their athletic aspirations through a positive training environment that reinforces qualities of confidence, leadership, and excellence.

Formed by four Division I coaches, Carolina Edge Volleyball is built upon the passion of our coaches to train and educate student-athletes in the sport of volleyball. The founders of Carolina Edge endeavor to create a club atmosphere that puts players and parents ahead of the club. We assure top-to-bottom commitment with athlete development, club operations, and parental involvement.


Carolina Edge's coaching expertise includes 55-years of combined coaching experience, with 37 combined years of Division I coaching and recruiting, and over 15 years of club coaching. With college coaches as both the head and associate coach on each team, we double the amount of quality coaching every player receives. At Carolina Edge, each associate coach will provide first-class instruction alongside the head coach.


The vast coaching experience of our staff, translates into a truly positive training environment where the student-athletes are respected and encouraged to learn from trial and error. Over our six hours of weekly training, we strive to increase the number of learning opportunities by increasing the number of touches, which translates into multi-chain contact drills and game-like play. Volleyball is a high-energy sport thus we want our training to mimic that intensity.

Strength and Conditioning

Hip, shoulder, and joint health is important to being a successful student-athlete. Our staff will bring their strength and conditioning expertise to a partnership with Morrisville Community CrossFit in order to create a dynamic curriculum to improve general athleticism and support hip, shoulder, and joint health. Metabolic conditioning, speed, and power will also be central to the fitness program given that improvements in these areas translates to increased on-court performance.


Carolina Edge understands the goals and ambitions of its athletes. With vast college coaching and recruiting experience, our staff will utilize their contacts and knowledge to best help the athletes' and their parents navigate the recruiting process. Thirty-seven years of valuable connections, communicating with student-athletes, and operating under NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA rules is expertise we do and will continue to make available.